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Frequently Asked Questions

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Retaining Our Services

In real estate matters, our services are retained when you or someone on your behalf provide us with an agreement of purchase and sale, or mortgage instructions and you provide us with file-opening information. The only exception is when we are asked to obtain a Status Certificate on your behalf to satisfy a condition on the purchase of a condominium property. In such circumstances, we would normally confirm that we are acting by phone or email.

For Will and Estates matters we are retained when we have obtained instructions from you at an initial meeting.

For other matters, including probate, we require that you pay us an amount to be held in trust in addition to providing file opening information.

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So How Do We Get Started?

Phone or email us.

On a Will or Estates file we will schedule an initial appointment.

For Real Estate, we will ask that you or your real estate agent forward your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. For refinancing work, your lender will send mortgage instructions. Once received, we will typically phone you for file-opening information. We get detailed information on a purchase. In addition, on a sale, we will almost systematically ask that you provide us with your most recent Final Tax Bill from the City of Ottawa and your most recent Mortgage Statement. Sometimes we ask for other documents.

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Fees and Disbursements

How much? Ask us.

In most real estate matters we charge a flat fee. There can be exceptions where an hourly rate would apply but you would be advised. The flat fee would include a predetermined set of services, from opening to reporting a file. A purchase would include placing one new mortgage on the title. A sale or refinancing transaction would include the discharge of one mortgage. Outside of the usual services specific to that type of transaction, there could be extra charges. If there are multiple mortgages, or extra steps and registrations required, any extra charges would be discussed ahead of time. The selection of lenders can also lead to a surcharge, but we would normally advise you as we gather file opening information.

In addition to fees, we are required to charge disbursements separately. These are costs of various searches and document registrations, the title insurance premium and some out-of- pockets like postage, copies or couriers.

For most purchases and refinancing transactions, title insurance is used. A client has the option of not using title insurance but in our experience, when the client considers the cost and timelines required to obtain supplementary searches, required to dispense with title insurance, they often circle back to a title insurance option.

Most Wills and Power of Attorney files are billed out on a flat fee as well. Disbursements are also charged but they are ordinarily very small amounts for copies. Most other matters are billed out based on an hourly rate. Guy’s hourly rate is $275.00 an hour.

All fees and most, but not all, disbursements attract HST.


We will, in all cases tell you when and how our fees, disbursements and HST are payable. For most real estate transactions, they are payable on closing. We also present a Statement of Account at the time of signing of Wills and Powers of Attorney. Payment is due upon presentation.

Primarily because of the nature of our practice, we currently accept cheques, cash and electronic transfers. We do not accept Legal Aid Certificates.

A copy of the Final Statement of Account will normally accompany our final report. This will normally signal that our involvement on your file is at an end.

We now accept Visa, Mastercard and debit payment

File Retention

We have a professional obligation to retain files for a period of time. We are not, however, in the business of document preservation and retention. We are not an archive or a court of record. Files are now kept for fifteen (15) years, after which they may be destroyed.

All files opened by Guy Le Madec between October 2005 and March 2012 may be located in another law firm. Call our office and we may recommend an appropriate course of action.

If a client requires a document from a closed file, we will do our best to retrieve it within a reasonable time. There will be a fee. The fee is subject to change.

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Terms of Use

The content of this website is for informational purposes only and should in no circumstances be interpreted as a representation or as legal advice. Where legal implications arise, in no circumstances should you act or fail to act without obtaining legal advice specific to your circumstances directly from a qualified lawyer. Nothing on this website creates, in and of itself, a solicitor-client relationship (see Retaining Our Services).

Telephone Communications

We answer our phone.

Our client-centred approach is incompatible with auto-made answering devices which we generally find impersonal and frustrating.

However, there can be a high volume of calls on busy days and if we are unable to take your call directly, or if you call outside of business hours, you can leave a voicemail message. Voicemail messages should be short and should always include a telephone number for a callback. The return call will normally, but not always, be made by the person for whom the message was left. Voicemail messages left Monday to Thursday will be returned within twenty-four (24) hours. If a message is left on a Friday, statutory holiday, or a weekend we will return the call on the following business day. If the office is closed for several consecutive days, the voicemail message will say so. This may happen, most typically, during the end-of-year holidays. It may be best to send Guy or Leslie an email as someone will normally be checking in at some point.

Email Communications

Response to client email communications is ordinarily prompt. We try to follow a response time guideline of forty-eight (48) hour, but, subject to availability, length of response required and matter of urgency, our response time can vary and is ordinarily, but not always, within a shorter timeframe. Non-client communications will receive a response within a reasonable time. Even during weekends and holidays, Guy may be responding to emails selectively depending on his ability to do so, importance and urgency.

Office Hours and Appointments.

Regular office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Evening appointments are available five to ten times a year, ordinarily on Thursdays, depending on availability and demand. Please note that unless we advise otherwise, evening appointments are normally not suitable for the signature of Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Privacy policy

Privacy and Confidentiality

We abide by the legal profession’s long-standing duty of confidentiality. This is always central to what we do. We will collect private information from clients to perform the required legal services, comply with Law Society and other legal requirements and better manage our practice. We will make all reasonable efforts to fully inform clients about the planned use of the information.

Our client information is not and will never be a commodity.

Privacy policy

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