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Guy and his staff offer services geared to Ottawa –area suburbanites throughout their lifetime.


Real Estate

We do residential transfers of homes, lands and condominiums. We will act for you on the purchase, sale or purchase-and-sale of your homes.

We will also do refinancing work by putting a new mortgage on your home and paying out the old one. We will also secure other liabilities by mortgages.

We can do Survivorship Applications, Transmission Applications and will be of assistance when property must be dealt with through an deceased person’s estate.

Our fees are competitive and in keeping with our client-centered approach (see Policies) our service is personalized. Dealings with Real Estate, particularly your home and your cottage, are among the largest transactions of person`s lifetime and they deserve the full attention of the legal and other professionals that you hire.

We continue to act for Public Service (including Foreign Affairs), RCMP and Military members through the Federal Government relocation program. We invite the participants to such programs to phone the office or even meet us, on their house- hunting- trip.

We invite you to call Guy or his assistant Leslie at (613) 238-2151 for a quote of the approximate cost of your transaction. We can subsequently provide you a quote in writing. We also offer to explain the process in some detail particularly, particularly to first time homebuyers. Where time permits, we recommend an optional initial half hour meeting with first time homebuyers or clients who are unfamiliar with the process.

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Wills, Powers of Attorneys and Estates

For a fixed fee, we prepare basic and effective Wills and Powers of Attorney. The typical client has a home and investments and wants to leave his or her estate to a spouse and children, including children from previous relationships. Most of clients, by reason of the nature of their assets and the reasonable simplicity of their distribution schemes are best served by the basic but effective documents we provide.

Where a more evolved estate plan is needed, we will prepare more appropriate wills. We have worked in cooperation with Financial Planners, Accountants and other professionals in putting in place more complex plans.

We can also be of assistance with the probate process and obtain certificates for the executors or administrators of the estate of deceased persons whether they had a will or not.

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Other Services

Guy continues to offer select services in the field of Family Law, including Domestic Contracts: marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and separation agreements. These documents are often useful to resolve some issues that have an impact on real estate and estate planning. We act for clients in obtaining their divorces, particularly on an uncontested basis.

Guy will also take on selected work in the Corporate and Commercial area.

Our office can help with the following:

  • Notarizations and Commissions
  • Affidavits and Declarations for use outside of Ontario
  • Notarized Copies of Original documents in English or French
  • Notarized Copies of Original documents and Certified Translations in other languages
  • Travel letters ad invitation letters.

For other services we can refer our clients other lawyers, within the office or in the community to ensure that they are in good hands in relation to legal issues outside our range of services.

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Guy Le Madec

Suite 560 - 1335 Carling Avenue,
Ottawa (Ontario) K1Z 8N8

Phone: (613) 238-2151

Phone: (613) 238-2151

Fax: (613) 238-4935

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